Body Care

For whatever wishes and purposes, we offer different treatments for your face and body, such as regeneration, relaxation and deep cleaning.

Among our body treatments, we offer the Ayurvedic massage, an integral component of traditional Indian medicine. The term ayurveda can be translated as "the session of life". It is a rebalancing massage allowing vital energies to flow throughout the body.

Another traditional treatment we offer is cupping. This treatment of Chinese origin which acts on the fascia (between the muscle and the tendon), uses suction cups with a technical movement that optimizes all types of massage: drainage of connective tissue, lymph, cellulite, chronic pain, cooling. And used on the face, it allows a natural face-lift.

Body Massages

With warm essential oils and Ayurvedic medicinal oils
Relaxing massage ~ 100 CHF
Anti-cellulitis massage ~ 100 CHF
Ayurvedic massage ~ 120 CHF
Ayurvedic massage with hammam ~ 130 CHF
Reboutology massage ~ 80 CHF
Meridian massage ~ 120 CHF
Cupping (or suction cups) massage ~ 120 CHF
Marmatherapy massage ~ 120 CHF
Head massage ~ 40 CHF
Back massage ~ 50 CHF
Pregnancy massage ~ 100 CHF

Body Care

Deep Scrub
Body peeling with black Moroccan soap and hammam ~ 70 CHF
Body peeling with Maria Galland sea salt and hammam ~ 70 CHF